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February 24, 2013

Moved to Blog Website Self Hosted WordPress

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Blogger page is not fully customisable and share files is very very problematic, hence moved to Hosted Wordpress.

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February 9, 2013

How To Disable the Print Preview in GOOGLE CHROME & Reset the chrome://flags/

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MAC / Apple Computers

1. Open Terminal and Copy & Past the following
2. Defaults write DisablePrintPreview -boolean true
3. Press Enter.. That all. close Chrome and reopen..

Btw if you have messed with about:flags the only way to reset its as follows

1. close Chrome
2. delete the Local State file located at  /Users/your Name/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome

For windows there are many Links 

February 8, 2013

Firefox Issues for Certificates

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(Rename) or delete the following in Firefox Profile Folder

1. secmod.db (secmod.db.old) and
2. cert8.db (cert8.db.old)
3. cert_override.txt (cert_override.txt.old)  -->  If you have a file cert_override.txt

Profile folder on MAC OS X -Mountain Lion is usr>library>application support > firefox

Happy Surfing

August 25, 2012


This MODEM in India is actually TP-LINK MODEM 8810 and hence the firmware from 8810 can be applied to it.. Why do we require to do this..? Kunhar the importer of this Modem does not provide much information on the Firmware and the version available..

the firmware can be obtained from the following TP Link Website

If used in Hardware V1.. it will slow down the UI Webpage.. :(

Srikanth Kamath