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May 23, 2012

using PHP and PYTHON on the Synology NAS for Advance Config of Devices on the LAN

Its been a while since i have been tinkering with idea to use the PHP for advance configuration of Routers, NAS and any device on the LAN / WAN using http1.1 on Port 80 forwarded to Synology NAS Webserver..

am able to achieve the following
1. reboot the NAS, Router etc based on Events in the Cameras
2. Reconfigure the NAS, Router based on specific Events

the use of PHP is because its commonly available on most NAS having a webserver and would not require any further configuration.. and the PHP pages can be pulled through simple URL or

May 4, 2012

How to use VLC 2.0.1 on Macbook Pro for MxPEG Streams Live View

MxPEG support was added as of Version 2.0.1.

"Just download any version over V2.0.1 for the platform of your choice. Remember (as per the WIKI above), if you want to use VLC Player to retrieve the live MxPEG stream from the camera, you will need to specify the --ffmpeg-format=mxg option on the command line." ---Graham Smith
The Wiki has the following information

VLC Support MxPEG from Version 2.0.1

Links to this post
Pls read through the wiki

the following is the update for playing the recording or even the live stream ( opens a new business possibility of transcoding for websites ).. 

Challenge any body want to try this and provide a feedback. with a detailed How to or  "ffmpeg on MOBOTIX for Dummies"

  1. mxg recordings
  2. Live-Streams