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April 29, 2011

How to Provide Direct path to recording when using NFS Share folder on NAS

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We have issues with providing direct path to folder in MXCC for the Camera Playback,  the playback is possible only through the camera and not direct path.. a video of the issue is uploaded at (password: demo1234) folder 'avi file for HQ'  file name  'M12-NFS issue when using direct path'.. 

April 22, 2011

How to Configure the WRT160 as OpenVPN Server PART IV

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This quite simple

Install the openVPN for your OS and then disable the firewall for the TAP Win32 V9 in Windows and use IFConfig to disable the firewall on linux systems

How to Configure the WRT160 as OpenVPN Server PART III

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Now we get to configure the second WRT160Nv3 as Clients

How to Configure the WRT160 as OpenVPN Server PART II

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Configure the WRT160Nv3 as OpenVPN Server by following the following steps.

How to Configure the WRT160 as OpenVPN Server PART I

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The following is for testing the features of a 50$ Router for the VPN tunnel.. and hence remote view of the MOBOTIX Camera using secure VPN Tunnel and without paying any Licence fee.

April 18, 2011

Download the images for VNP using WRT160N

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You can download the images from
Its under the >MyFiles for Partners>VPN> GA for NAT Solution.pdf > page 5
Srikanth Kamath

How to Setup the MXCC Remote view for a Mobil Users

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Dear All,

We had a project with 65 MX Camera which required to be view on a MXCC on Laptop which was traveling all over the world. The easy option was to create a NAT for each of the camera but this was not possible due to high cost of the Router which could handle 65 camera.

The alternate solution was to create a VPN Tunnel for the Road Warrior (Mobile Users).. this would require additional hardware at the site. the solution is as follows

April 10, 2011

VMWARE on MACBOOK Pro (APPLE & Its Efficiency)

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Had Trouble getting the VMWare Fussion to bootup WIN7.. It kept report error saying insufficient memory.. after spending many hrs and days looking for the issue.. found the problem..

April 9, 2011

Why We Forget History; Short Memory

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In the fast few days Anna Hazare has created history and opened a new chapter in India, is what i have heard and majority of Indians Believe that to be true.. 

By God this is a very very sad day because we fail to read history, such blackmail of democracy has never ever benefited the mass.. Pls kindly look back in India History.

The shut down o f Mills by Our Own George Fernandez in Mumbai, be it the cloth Mills or Coca Cola, was hailed as mass movement by a very very honest and clean George Fernandez, It was required at the time to help the mass, the mill workers..  the intent and purpose was very very clean and had no political color nor any motivation other than to help Mill Workers. 

But what the status today, these Mill have shut down and the Mill Owners are selling the land at HUGE Price, the system always work to the benefit of the have and never for have nots.