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November 14, 2011

Send Email to People in Address Book

Sending Invitation to People for an Event is easy with this script.. download the script from Link

In the address Book
Make a Smart Group to whom you want to send Invitation "SendInviteTo" or use your regular Mailing Group
Make a Group 
"Registration Received", -- add the contact that have registered
"Not Interested", "Black List"  -- add contact who do not wish to register
"Not Interested", "Black List"  -- add contact to whom you do not want to send the invite
"Not for these Company"  -- add Contact with the company Name ( just One will do )

Create a new Message with Subject, CC & BCC as require, add body of the message ( do not add Dear or Hi) and then close the message by saving, check in your draft box for the email..

Filter Your Address Book on Mac Apple

On 14-Nov-2011, at 1:12 PM, TSK Gmail wrote:

Attached link to script which filter the Address Book and creates Groups as follows for you to manually clean the mess.. 

Yes the script will not do any delete or modify the data, its just sort the address book for you and you can easy do manual corrections..