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February 13, 2011

How To Decide The Nos Of Disk on The NAS Or Storage Server Should Have

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After working for a Year and studying the various method used by SI to Size a NAS and also noticing the problems they face. I have documented the following
The parameters that are essential for Selecting the NAS or Storage server
The normal process is to use the storage calc and find the total TB for total Nos of Camera and then study the spec of the NAS for the TB of storage.. The difficulty with this approach is that some NAS perform as required and most do not.. We end up blaming the NAS for non Performance but fail to understand that we have sized the NAS incorrectly..
The important param which is very very clear from the various post on the Internet on storage calculations is IOPS.. Unfortunately there is no documentation on this for Video surveillance.
I shall attempt to do so.. pls kindly note I am not an expert in Storage and have no great experience with the various NAS available in the Market.
All expert on storage are welcome to point out any error or technical issues with my documentations