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March 26, 2011

What Lens to use at what Distance

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In the past few months, we have been working together trying to break into city surveillance and such related project. While providing demo (proof of concept) its was quite shocking to see that our colleagues in the Industries and ourself, unable to address the issue & concern from the Police Dept and the users.

To make easy the understanding of all the parameter's which influence the working of the Face or No Plate Recognition System, i have attached an xls file, using which you can work out the solution.. 

How to Compare the Min Lux Levels in the dataSheet of the Camera

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Time and again this question is asked, if a 0.002 Lux Camera is better than a Camera with a Specification of 2Lux. This mail and Work `sheet is a attempt to address this.
The Pdf Attached provided the formula for the maths which proves which camera is better than the other for the similar light conditions and similar FPS. If you look at most data sheets the Min Lux level is mentioned as 0.65 Lux @ F1.0, what is not mentioned is the the following data
1. Reflectance of the test Subject
2. Shutter Speed Used
3. AGC used or Not
4. IRE at which the Lux Level was measured

March 5, 2011

How to Analyze the TCP/IP Network for IP Video Surveillance

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Over the year i have worked as a system Integrator, later with the distributor and now at the OEM's.. and these are my observations

The system Integrators expectation from the OEM's to resolve the issues faced, helped each OEM's to squarely blame the other for the problems.. by pointing out the immediate cause for the trouble but not analyzing the full issue and concerns. HOW CAN the SI or WHAT MUST the SI Do in such a situation?

March 1, 2011

People Counting Application using the VM1 & VM2 long with IP Notifications

This application was written to demonstrate the use of IP Notify to Count the events triggered. The setup of Alarm Notification (Message 1 and Message 2).

download the files from

People Counting Using IP

pls email to tsk.kamath(at) for the application or the source code