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July 29, 2010

An Application for Cleaning up the Address Book on Apple MAC's

During the last few weeks of travel I was stuck in the Airport and Highways waiting for the flood water to clear.. and also during the flights was trying clear the mess in the Address Book due to Sync with IPhone and the BB with the Address Book Updated from

In short, it was impossible to go through each of the ID and Correct them, after searching on the net for some utilities which could sort the Address book, I could not find any which was fast ( takes hrs for my 1700 contacts) or not to my requirements, hence wrote the applescript to do the following

The Script work its way through all the contact is the address List.. and creates Groups
1. Duplicate Email Id's — List of Contacts with same email ID's including Contacts where the email Id is entered twice.. (Strange.. Address Book Issue, copy of the email Id under work & home)
2. Duplicate Phone — List of Contacts with same Phone Numbers including Contacts where the Phone Nos is entered twice.
3. Duplicate Name — List of Contacts with Same Names
4. Duplicate No Name — List of Contacts without the First Name and Last Name

It also sort the Contacts under the following Group which you can edit later with all the informations..
1. Only Email Ids — List of Contacts with Email ID and No Phone Numbers
2. Only Phone — List of Contacts with Phone Numbers and No Email Id's
3. No Email or Phone — List of Contacts with No Email Id's and No Phone numbers (some half completed contacts )

Tts safe to use the script cause it does not do any deletion or edit in the Address Book, It Just Sorts the Contacts to Groups.. Feel Free to use it and check it out.. Just run the attached script and press the buttons.. takes a while about 3min to sort out 2000 contacts..

I use this a lot after i sync my IPHONE and BB with the Address Book and remove all the crap and Sync Back by deletion of all contacts in the Phone.. anyways do inform if it works on your machines.