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April 26, 2012

update on Synology NAS

During my visit to Taiwan, I had a detailed meeting with the PM of Synology and following is the update

How to reboot, chnage IP address of Synology NAS remotely, Its possible to telenet or SSH into the NAS and carry out the following functions

First log in the Synology NAS
user: root 
password: same password for admin using telenet or ssh

1. for switching off the NAS type "remoteoff" and press enter
2. for reboot the NAS type "reboot" and press enter
3. for change the IP Address of the NAS (eth0 or eth1) type "synonet –manual eth0″ ie ip address and subnet and press enter
4. to check the block size of use hdparm -l /dev/sda or logical drive/physical sector size ( only for people who know what they are doing)

with the new DSM4 with advance app like VPN server and Syslog Server usability of the Synology as a Storage Box is much improved.. the 412+ read write speed and very good and should be a issue to write +40 camera on to the NAS.. I will shortly update on how to increase the read speed on the Synology NAS

if there are important issues that requires the attention of the Synology PM pls let me know.. Btw.. Be prepared for the Advance Analytically on the Q24.. coming in the June 2012